I do not like the mirror right now.  I hate reflection.  I dodge eye contact with myself.   I am in a period of ….inner renovation, on my insides.

I am watching the news, and I am seeing scenes and I have flashbacks of dreams ….nightmares, as I had when I was a kid.   And I blink and I am watching it unfold on the news.   Horrible ish.  Bad ick.   Interesting…I imagine most people are like that….they are just not allowed to say as much because the powers that be want you to think things are a black and white masonic chessboard —-the cost of which…..has dug many a grave and many a ditch.  Killed many a thug and many a snitch.   No loyalty to anything other than this thing that is control.

Before America becomes a communist/socialist consumerist nightmare…..Or is it solidified?  I don’t really know what anything is anymore.   Nothing seems familiar to me, outside of logos and corporate billboards decorating the sides of roads…..This is not the world I grew up in.  This is End Times.  I see it.  I feel it in my gut.  And I’ve learned to trust my gut.  And I know that I don’t know where or what or how so I will just point out I DO NOT LIKE Lucifarian….Also:  never confuse church….CaTholic….with k…k….c…..CHRISTian….. (sorry, fur ball)  Gagging ….They are not the same.  Catholic and fancy big church money hungry greedy douche baggeryness God will deal with them I imagine….I hope he lets me sit in the jury stand.  Or screw it….maybe this author of Niel from Eglon will just go ahead and JUDGE.


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