About My Ghost


Ghost Walking

She got more beautiful
the less she cared.
She got calmer
with every scare.
She stopped wanting
after going without
She stopped looking for doors,
there was no way out.
She stopped fighting,
she was never going to win.
She conceded
so life could begin.
She found peace
 with ambivalence,
the world had made her this.
No more tears
they used to flow
But she’s a ghost now.
She’s let it go.

I think of Life like a giant river and I think of all we humans out here being like the Grand Canyon.  Life will rip through your flesh and carve away at you with a relentless barrage capable of changing the face of your world.  Life chiseled away at me…but now I look at my crags and sharp edges as scars that tell a beautiful story…I’m remembering who I was before a Whirlwind touched down in my life...and I’m establishing who I am in the aftermath.

Before I was a ghost, my name was Emma Kristine.  I’m gluing my broken back together.  Being a ghost is to have a lifetime of knowledge but to no longer feel the pain once associated with acquiring it…and then to realize you were never dead…and to start living again, now with your mistakes sharpened by life-lessons into weapons and your weaknesses strengths and your quirks just different languages that help you relate to others :).

Perhaps to be a ghost is to be somewhat ninja :).


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