I Have Nothing Left I Wish To Say

Blogging was a journey in self discovery and life documenting but I've reached the end of the road.  Thank you to everyone that read.  I wrote cause I wanted to be heard.  I wrote cause I couldn't speak, or speaking always backfired.  I don't know writing really did any good.  But I would never know... Continue Reading →


I pray

Stop. Preying.  Killing, consuming, using, for one second.  MANKIND BE HUMBULED AND KIND. Lord of the Universe, that loves this planet because of it's POTENTIAL ....thank you for allowing a greedy snake to investigate.   And Thank YOU  GOD for only doing this knowing in the end GOOD wins.....so after the storm things will find their... Continue Reading →

God Moment Number One

On the other side of my spiral, is shame like a blanket waiting to consume me.  Because somewhere along the line I got lost, and I am ashamed of this.  But I can shake shame's hand, and let it shroud me for a moment, and then I'm going to pull it off of me and... Continue Reading →

Gotta Draw IN-WORD right now.

This is just....tooooo much for this girl anymore. Light be by the night sky as I navigate these turbulent seas that have made me dizzy, sick pushed me down to my knees. humbled as I fumbled I fumble. No longer soft spoken no hidden meanings or mumble. I do not please to understand the lessons... Continue Reading →

He was

Talking to himself....his weight against me, I watched as this person I loved....I had married, was ....lost to something.... "I didn't want it to come to this." He said. I knew I was in trouble. He was talking to himself. "I know where to put her bod."  He was talking to himself.  This was my... Continue Reading →


Fear was.... Screaming.  At the top of my lungs, with everything I was, while his body and weight pinned my body up against the Fulton's Crossing basement of an apartment, in Everett, Washington.   Fear was, asking for help, begging through tears at the top of my lungs....but hearing the white of the apartment walls, and... Continue Reading →

Rude and Mean

Denise said it... I love it when Denise goes into storyteller mode.  Likewise, with Laura.  I realize... I... I like to listen.  I spoke once.  I talked.  I talked a lot.  Nothing happened.  When I spoke.  Nothing changed, except the way I viewed things because people and life were sure there to correct my poor... Continue Reading →


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