I gave, I gave, I gave, I got knots. I opted out. I stopped. I knocked, E knocked, Miles over me, and miles under my feet, I walked, I walked. I saw, E saw, saw a lot. I coudn't not see, I couln't not scream. I screamed, I cried. I felt my scream get shoved... Continue Reading →

To My A.D.D.icts out there

I was a hyper kid too And sick - sick - sick- TAKE YOUR FALIC LIL prick of a needle stick and do to your own. DO NOT DO NOT OVERTAKE MY HOME. I get you wanna flick cuz u paid and I get you feel proud and MASTER AND ENTITLED TO PLAY BUT HUMBLE... Continue Reading →


I do not like the mirror right now.  I hate reflection.  I dodge eye contact with myself.   I am in a period of ....inner renovation, on my insides. I am watching the news, and I am seeing scenes and I have flashbacks of dreams ....nightmares, as I had when I was a kid.   And I... Continue Reading →


When the last RIGHT LEFT is free speech that's when this bitch gon' screech Cause you can take the breathe from me but you cannot take away the life that springs in me that wells up in me that gives me a reason to be.

I Have Nothing Left I Wish To Say

Blogging was a journey in self discovery and life documenting but I've reached the end of the road.  Thank you to everyone that read.  I wrote cause I wanted to be heard.  I wrote cause I couldn't speak, or speaking always backfired.  I don't know writing really did any good.  But I would never know... Continue Reading →

I pray

Stop. Preying.  Killing, consuming, using, for one second.  MANKIND BE HUMBULED AND KIND. Lord of the Universe, that loves this planet because of it's POTENTIAL ....thank you for allowing a greedy snake to investigate.   And Thank YOU  GOD for only doing this knowing in the end GOOD after the storm things will find their... Continue Reading →

God Moment Number One

On the other side of my spiral, is shame like a blanket waiting to consume me.  Because somewhere along the line I got lost, and I am ashamed of this.  But I can shake shame's hand, and let it shroud me for a moment, and then I'm going to pull it off of me and... Continue Reading →

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