PizzaGate, Chester & Chris Cornell

I watched this music video for the first time today in years...and it gives me the same haunting feeling it did the first time I saw it... when I was spoke to me in ways I wish nothing did... but I remembered watching and thinking, "I'm not alone."  - I may not fit in...I... Continue Reading →

30. Bjorn

Bjorn was the youngest of we Nielsen's kids of Eglon. When we were young, Erik Bjorn and I would play cops and robbers.  Erik and I would pretend to be officers, while little Bjorn always insisted on being Coco the police dog.  🙂  - those imaginary criminals we would fight together did not stand a... Continue Reading →

24. Chapters

I feel as if we are all characters written into someone Else's script, just waiting to wake up in the present and realize that we can pick up the pen and take control of the narrative.

21. Facing My Giants (3 of 3)

Continued from Disassociate – Facing Giants Part 2 ….Chuck looked the same. He still wore the same style hat, the same style clothing, only now I find him without his mustache. I always hated mustaches…they always reminded me of him… “Hi, Chuck. How have you been?” I asked. I could feel my spine straighten. I could... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Know   "Sex became really messed up for you."  He said to me.  "That's too bad." "It did get messed up for me."  I agreed. "That's too bad you let that happen." "Excuse me?"  - "It's too bad you let that get screwed up for you."  He corrected. "Are you KIDDING?"  I said.  "DO YOU... Continue Reading →

Unwanted   Every one of our lives has a soundtrack.  Keep coming back, you will know much of mine!  Some day share yours with me. MY LIFE IS BETTER FOR HAVING MUSIC IN IT.

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