Gotta go, yo, I’m just a ghost

Hey all.  I have loved blogging here but i can no longer afford to be a starving artist.  I'm a ghost....officially.  Whirlwind is over.  What a mean storm.  If you would like to follow me you may visit my patreon page...and I would very much appreciate your support! I have a lot of projects I... Continue Reading →


41. Eli

On a day that was too rainy to go out and play Emma and Eli took a book to their favorite nook to have a look at what was inside.   I came up with the idea for Eli when I was ten years old.  I thought there was nobody better to write a children's... Continue Reading →

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Well all, I'm in the THRONGS OF THIS MIDLIFE CRISIS THING.  It's an odd summer and the sky feels strange and the atmosphere feels toxic and I don't quite know what the world is anymore... I just know that I have a bunch of these fam pics that I'm planning on youtubing should I ever... Continue Reading →

44. Dear WORLD

Dear President Trump, Dear North Korea, Dear Russia: I KNOW.  I KNOW it is hard being IN POWER.  I know it is hard when your basic needs are not able to be met, I know it is difficult when someone flexes their muscles in such a way that you feel your muscles are not being... Continue Reading →

43. 9/11

Nine eleven, oh dear heaven, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO BUILDING 7? Two planes burst into flames through steel beams and window panes AND WE ARE TO BLAME? Just another false flag! YES!  I said ANOTHER! OH BROTHER! How many have there been? We created our own enemy so we had a reason to send... Continue Reading →

35. Be Careful What You Write

"Emma....I need you to listen to me.  I need you to be careful what you write."  She said to me. Jessica was my therapist.  She was a lighthouse when Hope had been stolen.  Hope I had begun writing after I had started seeing Jessica.  I had just begun to share with her the disassociation that... Continue Reading →

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