Home From War.

When I quit the ambulance, I felt like I had returned to civilian life. I felt like I had been at war. Everyone thinks warfare is something that doesn't happen here...in the United States...despite the watered down tales of terror shared by the news. I always found the news so trivial.  For the most part... Continue Reading →


On a day that was too rainy to go out and play Emma and Eli took a book to their favorite nook to have a look at what was inside.   I came up with the idea for Eli when I was ten years old.  I thought there was nobody better to write a children's... Continue Reading →


Control (2015) Sex is a complex conversation What are we saying, You have to use your body language You have to speak with you hips not your lips You have to have an active imagination. Fascination. I'm fascinated. Your mouth doesn't utter a peep, these little secrets we keep. And your actions speak loud YOU... Continue Reading →

Facing My Giants (3 of 3)

Continued from Disassociate – Facing Giants Part 2 ….Chuck looked the same. He still wore the same style hat, the same style clothing, only now I find him without his mustache. I always hated mustaches…they always reminded me of him… “Hi, Chuck. How have you been?” I asked. I could feel my spine straighten. I could... Continue Reading →

Facing My Giants (2 of 3)

Continued from The Coffee Shop (Facing Giants Part 1) The next day I showed up to the coffee shop. I saw his truck before I saw him. Chuck always drove an oversized red truck. And then there he was, sitting off to the left of the coffee shop surrounded by his friends, laughing and talking over... Continue Reading →

Facing Giants 1 (of 3)

Your face the familiar face that erased everything I know   "Does a man named Chuck get his coffee here?"  I asked the Barista across the counter as she handed me my change and I threw it in her tip jar. "Yes."  She said, her face suddenly sullen.  I recognized her expression as that of... Continue Reading →


In Sunday School I had been taught that the most important prayer I could ever say, the secret handshake to being accepted and loved by God, went something along the lines of:  "Jesus, forgive me for my sins...please come into my heart."  I was told that if I did not say this prayer, that I... Continue Reading →


When I was six years old I imagined Heaven a place I could eat as many Cool Ranch Doritos as I wanted WITHOUT EVER GETTING FAT.  To my six year old self - that was my idea of heaven.  Fast forward three decades, and I have honestly eaten more Cool Ranch Doritos than anyone should...and... Continue Reading →


      I attended the Eglon church when I was young.  It was a beautiful little church, very small-town, sitting across the street from the Eglon Schoolhouse and Fire Department, which was run by volunteers. I used to love church.  Every Wednesday during grade school was snacks and Bible stories at Jodi Kile's for... Continue Reading →


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