Daddy Issues

I love with my mind, with my body, and with my soul. My sex is my soul, something I dare 
to share with someone else. Whether they use it or abuse it or love it and rise about it is something else. I thought love was real
- Not just a fairy tale fed to appeal... Continue Reading →

No Breaks

I’ve got chains to break- I have no breaks to take
. No brakes leaves chaos in my wake. Don’t stop. Don’t think. Don’t flinch. Don’t blink. I think I can. I know I can. I will, I am.


There's a lot of eyes out there There's the "I" that is me the me that wants to be free... The "I" that is the internet before and after it I can't forget. Then there is the I that is YOU and the eyes that belong to U cause Ulysses had eyes too, and there are they... Continue Reading →

Secret Keeper

I'm a secret, I'm your friend. You think I'm fair-weather but I'm here from beginning to end. I require only one thing, it's the price of admission. I don't care that you may be fishin' for fiction, I'm a secret.. just keep it and practice at pretend. If lyin' is tyin' your gut into knots?... Continue Reading →

The Drunk

That poor stumbling, fumbling mumbling drunk. That trips on his feet and broken concrete and tree trunks. He didn’t mean to be a downer but as he walked and drowned his sorrows and woes, he found himself under a cloud that followed wherever he went and wherever he goes. Life was like quicksand and the... Continue Reading →


Been sloppy for a long time- embarrarssed by it. It’s ugly - I won’t deny it. Droopy eyelids and blood shot eyes - you can’t hide it. I had a point to make But I exhaled it with the smoke from that joint toke I take. Trying to speak but my tongue is heavy Trying... Continue Reading →

22. Control  In a stint of soul searching I found myself in a rather a self destructive promiscuous phase post trauma. Because of circumstance I thought my value and worth came through sex.  AND IN THIS STINT I WAS ALARMED BY HOW MEN THOUGHT THAT CONTROL came through violence. Real control in sex is not violence,... Continue Reading →

Home is Where the Heart Is

Homesick - Emma Bush 2015 Homesick, like a clock with a tock that’s missing it’s tick. Something amiss. Like a kiss blown in the wind, you can see where it ends, but where did it begin? Something’s slightly out of place. Lost in a crowd without a familiar face. Not quite sure where you belong, like... Continue Reading →

19. Facing Giants 1 (of 3)

Your face the familiar face that erased everything I know   "Does a man named Chuck get his coffee here?"  I asked the Barista across the counter as she handed me my change and I threw it in her tip jar. "Yes."  She said, her face suddenly sullen.  I recognized her expression as that of... Continue Reading →

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