When the last RIGHT LEFT is free speech that's when this bitch gon' screech Cause you can take the breathe from me but you cannot take away the life that springs in me that wells up in me that gives me a reason to be.


I Love You

I love you like the sun loves the moon. I can feel you but never quite see you because I fall asleep before you loom. But your glow I feel I know even when it's never been able to tell me so. My goal is to someday understand and then stand upright and show. I... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow is 2-8 Two eights. Aint' that great? Balls and Boobs. And interludes. It's OK to BAWL when YOU GET BRUISED. It's OK to SRPRAWL TO PREVENT The CONFUSION OF CONSENT. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. YOU HAVE NO FREE WILL I know you are strong But you don't have to KILL BILL TO PROVE IT.... Continue Reading →


Happiness is like the tide. It comes, it goes. It ebbs, it flows...   "Mom I love my life."  I said today when I got home from work... I haven't felt this way in a long time.  But I really do.  Today is good.

Looking Back…

I'm reading over some of my old posts on this site because I'm not quite sure what all I've said and I haven't said.  What I should delete and what I need to edit and what I want to save.  A little trimming of the hedges is OK.  Some things don't need to be kept,... Continue Reading →


I don't know what life has bee like for you, I DO NOT KNOW WHERE YOU GO I don't know the hand on YOUR THROAT THAT MADE YOU GHOST I JUST KNOW THE HAND ON MINE I remember that blackness, I was OUT OF TIME. But DO NOT ASK ME what I was wearing or... Continue Reading →

43. 9/11

Nine eleven, oh dear heaven, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO BUILDING 7? Two planes burst into flames through steel beams and window panes AND WE ARE TO BLAME? Just another false flag! YES!  I said ANOTHER! OH BROTHER! How many have there been? We created our own enemy so we had a reason to send... Continue Reading →

37. STOP. –

Off the radar. This girl done did go TOO FAR. My auto pilot has been on tail-spin I swear I wanna live but it's gone on self destruct. I'm fucked. A bitch. An angry vindictive kid. I don't even mean to do these things I do- but I did.    

35. Marriage

I love you I'll always love you. I was once just me, but now we are one, even apart we can't be completely undone. I'm never going to get married again.  Once was enough.  To be honest, I'm not sure when or if Galen and I will ever actually be divorced.  At this point in... Continue Reading →


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