It’s set in motion, you can’t stop it. You can bob and weave, but 
you can’t hip hop it. Its too late, its already started. In your face, your life bombarded. So hang tight! -
Grip firm! -
Stand upright! …get low! Brace yourself, don’t look back, storm IS coming- hurricane attack! Hold TIGHT! Whiplash will pull
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Daddy Issues

I love with my mind, with my body, and with my soul. My sex is my soul, something I dare to share with someone else. Whether they use it or abuse it or love it and rise about it is something else. I thought love was real Not just a fairy tale fed to appeal... Continue Reading →

He Breaks

He breaks, he breaks, he breaks! There’s only so much a man can take. SO MUCH HATE! So angry his hands shake, fists clenches. The ground quakes in the wake of his walk. Spit flies when he talks. Tight grip, his rage has been awakened! Shirt rips, no more of him will be taken! He’s... Continue Reading →

The Tale of the Little Girl and the Cave

Hello-o-o... Echo? Where did you go-o-o... Oh, owe, o. A little girl had been on a journey through a foreign land that she had been afraid to navigate alone, though that is exactly how she found herself.  She tip-toed around obstacles, afraid to disrupt anyone.  She had asked for help once, but the man had... Continue Reading →


Home. Your roots, your foundation. No matter the wind that batters, nor the storms that have shaken, nothing, not even time, from your memory and heart can it be taken. I think of myself as a garden.  I think of all of us as gardens.  We are seeds that sprout legs...these bodies are our shells,... Continue Reading →

Hope :)

That devil on my shoulder Had become bolder as I got older He used to come to me in my sleep In nightmares that’s seemed More a warning than a dream “Read that again, Emma.” Allen said. He was in the kitchen preparing a snack while I sat in the living room and read to him... Continue Reading →

Falling Apart

FALLING APART AT THE SEAMS Falling apart at the seams, bad dreams, incessant screams. So loud! So loud! My fist pound! Angry from the inside out. I want to rip and tear my skin, pull out my hair again. I’m so lost and so angry with nobody to take it out on but me. Don’t... Continue Reading →

Rear View Mirror

Rear-view Mirror My past is right behind me I can feel its breath on my neck I can’t run forever my legs are tired I’m out of breath. So afraid of what would happen should I stop and face it I keep running, keep running hoping time will erase it.


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