On a day that was too rainy to go out and play Emma and Eli took a book to their favorite nook to have a look at what was inside.   I came up with the idea for Eli when I was ten years old.  I thought there was nobody better to write a children's... Continue Reading →

God, Lets Arm Wrestle Over This One

Holy smoke! When I took a toke! I scanned the crowd of folk and found myself- another GHOST!   It would be a downright flat out LIE to say that I have not struggled with religion as a direct result  OF THE BIBLE ... One of the things I had the hardest time accepting was...myself..."my... Continue Reading →

Clark Fork

My mother lives in Clark Fork, Idaho in a beautiful yellow farmhouse right in front of the train tracks, just a walk away from the Clark Fork River.  It is nestled into valley and surrounded on one side by the Monarch Mountains and the other by the Cabinet Mountains.  The way the town sits, I imagine... Continue Reading →

Fish Bowl

I used to have a recurring dream when I was young. In it I had a fishbowl...and it exploded open out of nowhere, and sent these fish on the ground to flounder...I rushed to the scene in a  PANIC, trying to save all of my dying fish...but as my fish were flopping in the broken... Continue Reading →

America’s Latest Civil War

My name is Big Pharma. I'm here to help ya, not harm ya. I see your struggling for control because your kids are go-go-go and we know they know that they should be slowing their role but they won't and they don't. So I have a deal I think will appeal to you. I have... Continue Reading →

My Fight Against Suicidal

I’m suicide, I’m an option. I’m the back door you think of often. You want a way out and I’ve got one. I’m a relief from the hurt and the sorrow. What pains you
 today won’t pain you tomorrow. People will forget and life will go on It won’t be long and the memory of... Continue Reading →


There's no escape. The back door I saw before isn't there anymore. When I was little I couldn't see blood without getting nauseated and vomiting.  I remember the first time I saw an animal on the side of the freeway, driving with my mother to a dentist appointment in Silverdale ...It had been, before being... Continue Reading →


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