August 3rd

It seems like every year I learn something new about that day in 1978 when I made my debut into this world... "You were due on the third."  My mom told me several yeas ago. "I was?...I must have been comfortable!  I didn't wanna come out!"  I laughed.  Homesick from the beginning.  Because it wasn't... Continue Reading →


Artwork by Kevin (my brody!)

I am in absolute awe of my brother's talent.  Even the paintings he thought should be burned, I thought were excellent.  Kevin is my older brother by almost exactly 2 and a half years.  I think he is absolutely amazing ... he is my favorite artist! I love the featured image, of the little girl... Continue Reading →

Can I Get a FITNESS!?

Fitness has been a major part of my life. I took a year long fitness training program at Ashmead College, and worked for several different gyms over the years as a personal trainer and also competed in MMA at a professional level. Truthfully:  I stopped personal training and leading boot camps because I couldn't stand... Continue Reading →

Home From War.

When I quit the ambulance, I felt like I had returned to civilian life. I felt like I had been at war. Everyone thinks warfare is something that doesn't happen the United States...despite the watered down tales of terror shared by the news. I always found the news so trivial.  For the most part... Continue Reading →

Guilt Goes Gratitude Stays

7/9/18 I’m so blessed right now.  I feel blessed.  I feel….filled with hope.  I just do.  Right now Ebbie is getting her breathe back from a fun run in Clark Fork…dragging me on my adult Trike.  (I tried it with a bike but she was too strong, and I fell…a lot.)  I spent the morning... Continue Reading →

Seeds: Faith

7/8/18 I remember the last day of school when I was in the sixth grade, blasting 93.3 on the radio and dancing to "Faith" by George Michael, belting out the song at the top of my lungs as I danced around the kitchen and living room and loaded my backpack up to catch where I'd... Continue Reading →

My Mother

(Pic taken 1979 (a year before a I showed up) Mom and my older brody, Kevin Jay.) Living next to my mother right now...has been healing.  We don't speak much, of anything.  But some days we do.  We sit down and discuss the things that molded us, and that paved our stories. As I'm going... Continue Reading →

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