End Times

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc94dDs7mQw I remember being a little girl, and being told in church that for the most part, people from every generation thought they lived in end times...but now....I am beginning to SEE things that make me believe maybe our generation is like an X that marks the spot in this world.  Perhaps we have reached... Continue Reading →



I just heard this quote today and it impacted me....  I don't know who to credit it to.....so Anonymous said: YOUR STORY IS THE KEY THAT CAN UNLOCK SOMEONE ELSE'S PRISON.....  Share your testimony...

Home From War.

When I quit the ambulance, I felt like I had returned to civilian life. I felt like I had been at war. Everyone thinks warfare is something that doesn't happen here...in the United States...despite the watered down tales of terror shared by the news. I always found the news so trivial.  For the most part... Continue Reading →

If Facebook Ceases

I'm not gonna say (again) that I'm gonna take a reprieve from facebook.  I do love it on so many levels.  It's like being able to still be on ship with shipmates that now live from New Zealand to Africa to Alaska or the Netherlands.  It's like still being neighbors with my Eglon family, that... Continue Reading →

Guilt Goes Gratitude Stays

7/9/18 I’m so blessed right now.  I feel blessed.  I feel….filled with hope.  I just do.  Right now Ebbie is getting her breathe back from a fun run in Clark Fork…dragging me on my adult Trike.  (I tried it with a bike but she was too strong, and I fell…a lot.)  I spent the morning... Continue Reading →


There's a montage of violence I can't silence in my mind. I try to sleep but these scenes repeat and past tenses play like fragmented sentences as I struggle to make sense of it. 7/7/18 My 'collection of my moments' that is filled with books, pictures, scrapbooks, some art, some journals, etc, had been kept... Continue Reading →

Seeds: Faith

7/8/18 I remember the last day of school when I was in the sixth grade, blasting 93.3 on the radio and dancing to "Faith" by George Michael, belting out the song at the top of my lungs as I danced around the kitchen and living room and loaded my backpack up to catch where I'd... Continue Reading →


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