Thank You, Society

Thank you, Society, for breaking down before I did, so I don't feel so grossed out....I no longer feel like a bitch for not liking our manipulative step sibling to all.  SS ---step-sibling, BIG BROTHER, Government, IDK....whatever is clever .....I don't feel bad saying I don't like Da Beer, or debir or King Eglon or... Continue Reading →

I Love You

I love you like the sun loves the moon. I can feel you but never quite see you because I fall asleep before you loom. But your glow I feel I know even when it's never been able to tell me so. My goal is to someday understand and then stand upright and show. I... Continue Reading →

Let Go Let God

Let go let God but let your forlorn out like a FOG HORN Like you wanted to scream SO LOUD You could wake BJORN from a slumber in the heavens. Say it and document it lest you forget it. REMEBEMBER AND HOLD TIGHT TO THE LIGHT IN YOUR HEART WHEN THERE IS NO LIGHT IN... Continue Reading →



Queen Be. She doesn't SEA because she's BEEN BUSY. Queen BEE IS NOT. A B.  Like a STOP. THERE IS NO POINT TO THE END OF YOUR SENTENCE. It's that He.... LOVES SHE. And SHE LOVES HIM. And that is WHERE EWE BEGIN. Be KIND.... Be wise... Be nice. Because God WOULD BE THERE IF... Continue Reading →

Cross FWire

I am afraid of the Eastern Star though I long to understand and wished I could hold a hand had it been hard. And the WEST HAS PUT ME TO A TEST I DON'T LIKE WHAT I SEE. WHO IS THE DRAGON? WHERE SHE BE FROM? Where Be her drum? And where was it from?... Continue Reading →


Tomorrow is 2-8 Two eights. Aint' that great? Balls and Boobs. And interludes. It's OK to BAWL when YOU GET BRUISED. It's OK to SRPRAWL TO PREVENT The CONFUSION OF CONSENT. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. YOU HAVE NO FREE WILL I know you are strong But you don't have to KILL BILL TO PROVE IT.... Continue Reading →

Right now

I'm spewing out on the most.  You can also find me at It takes me three blogs to puke it out.  But I'm learning, it's better to puke on a blog than to an inbox, cause ....if you can't say it out loud, you shouldn't be saying at stop pestering people that... Continue Reading →


I regress only to regret because to stop with a forward step is like to pause and to get lost in a holocaust. That past is like the devil's last asset. But as I sift through the rift I see this present that is a gift. The moment you seize YOUR PEN is the moment... Continue Reading →


I'm blogging now at    Can't afford to pay to be heard anymore....still mostly free at Patreon, only the good stuff is subscriber only, but I appreciate any support I get. and I reread this ish....god last few posts....started to reread, then stopped but...I remember that day and it's over but maybe those... Continue Reading →

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