Happiness is like the tide. It comes, it goes. It ebbs, it flows...   "Mom I love my life."  I said today when I got home from work... I haven't felt this way in a long time.  But I really do.  Today is good.

August 3rd

It seems like every year I learn something new about that day in 1978 when I made my debut into this world... "You were due on the third."  My mom told me several yeas ago. "I was?...I must have been comfortable!  I didn't wanna come out!"  I laughed.  Homesick from the beginning.  Because it wasn't... Continue Reading →

This is @#&@!!

This society ....gives me a stomachache. I'm trying to be compassionate and non judgemental about things...but this gray area our society loves to stir up, that mucky, foggy, difficult to navigate lack of delineation between what is or what is not acceptable.... So I decide what's acceptable for me....which means diving first into some gray... Continue Reading →

Artwork by Kevin (my brody!)

I am in absolute awe of my brother's talent.  Even the paintings he thought should be burned, I thought were excellent.  Kevin is my older brother by almost exactly 2 and a half years.  I think he is absolutely amazing ... he is my favorite artist! I love the featured image, of the little girl... Continue Reading →

Can I Get a FITNESS!?

Fitness has been a major part of my life. I took a year long fitness training program at Ashmead College, and worked for several different gyms over the years as a personal trainer and also competed in MMA at a professional level. Truthfully:  I stopped personal training and leading boot camps because I couldn't stand... Continue Reading →

End Times

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc94dDs7mQw I remember being a little girl, and being told in church that for the most part, people from every generation thought they lived in end times...but now....I am beginning to SEE things that make me believe maybe our generation is like an X that marks the spot in this world.  Perhaps we have reached... Continue Reading →



I just heard this quote today and it impacted me....  I don't know who to credit it to.....so Anonymous said: YOUR STORY IS THE KEY THAT CAN UNLOCK SOMEONE ELSE'S PRISON.....  Share your testimony...


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