Lost Fish

I was never good at speaking
, it was always a frustrating
thing to me. Uncle Louie described me as standoffish, but I was just a lost fish, scared of other in the sea. I observed the others. I looked up to my brother and I thank God for my father and mother
, I felt like we... Continue Reading →

Black Sheep

Look at that one black sheep! She looks so scared – Like she wants to run… That blacks sheep, she’s trying to fit in, but she sticks out like a sore thumb. Everyone seems to speak the
 same language but for her! She’s feeling deaf and dumb. Poor 'lil black sheep, so confused! Not quite sure... Continue Reading →


It’s set in motion, you can’t stop it. You can bob and weave, but 
you can’t hip hop it. Its too late, its already started. In your face, your life bombarded. So hang tight! -
Grip firm! -
Stand upright! …get low! Brace yourself, don’t look back, storm IS coming- hurricane attack! Hold TIGHT! Whiplash will pull
... Continue Reading →


"You're always trying to save the world, Emma...but you can't even save yourself."  - His words echo in my mind.  An ex... a past... an abuser... a lover... a man as broken as I was back before we realized either of us had been broken...back when we were too busy living and running from what... Continue Reading →

The Nielsen Super Hero’s

My mother is so amazing. When we were little my mom made me, my cousins Erik and Bjorn, and my brother Kevin capes out of bathroom towels...she sewed our initials in them, and tied it at the neck with a simple button... Those capes were all we needed for hours and hours of fun off... Continue Reading →

Daddy Issues

I love with my mind, with my body, and with my soul. My sex is my soul, something I dare to share with someone else. Whether they use it or abuse it or love it and rise about it is something else. I thought love was real Not just a fairy tale fed to appeal... Continue Reading →


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