When I was six years old I imagined Heaven a place I could eat as many Cool Ranch Doritos as I wanted WITHOUT EVER GETTING FAT.  To my six year old self - that was my idea of heaven.  Fast forward three decades, and I have honestly eaten more Cool Ranch Doritos than anyone should...and... Continue Reading →


      I attended the Eglon church when I was young.  It was a beautiful little church, very small-town, sitting across the street from the Eglon Schoolhouse and Fire Department, which was run by volunteers. I used to love church.  Every Wednesday during grade school was snacks and Bible stories at Jodi Kile's for... Continue Reading →

My Fight Against Suicidal

I’m suicide, I’m an option. I’m the back door you think of often. You want a way out and I’ve got one. I’m a relief from the hurt and the sorrow. What pains you
 today won’t pain you tomorrow. People will forget and life will go on It won’t be long and the memory of... Continue Reading →


There's no escape. The back door I saw before isn't there anymore. When I was little I couldn't see blood without getting nauseated and vomiting.  I remember the first time I saw an animal on the side of the freeway, driving with my mother to a dentist appointment in Silverdale ...It had been, before being... Continue Reading →

My Dad

Mirage by Geoffrey Holdsworth 1940 A man in an open shirt sat gazing out to sea; A young man, a hale man, and I wished that I were he and that the things I loved were as they used to be. What did he see as he sat there? Some woman's shining hair, or the... Continue Reading →

My Mother

Sitting in the passenger seat at 8 years old, as my mom drove down the road, I was staring at my reflection in the car window. Self critical even when so little "I hate the shape of my eyes" I criticized. And my mom turned her head and smiled wide. I always thought her smile... Continue Reading →


SNOWBALL by Emma Bush 2015 Once I was nothing more than a drop of rain
, up high in the sky
, yet to feel the pain of change... just a drop dripping and falling down towards that impressive ground, down below
, where I watched all the other raindrops go. Perhaps I don’t know as much as... Continue Reading →


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