I Got Guns In My Head

Rear-View Mirror by Emma Bush 2011 My past is right behind me I can feel its breath on my neck I can’t run forever my legs are tired I’m out of breath. So afraid of what would happen should I stop and face it, I keep running, keep running hoping time will erase it. I've... Continue Reading →


Eyes Opened by Emma Bush 2017 I close my eyes but I can still see it. I try to hide in my dreams but these things they play out like a movie reel and I am stuck seeing. I am stuck here to feel. When I was little I couldn't see blood without getting nauseated... Continue Reading →

9. Lights and Sirens

Lights and Sirens I see those lights flashing in the mirrors eyes on the road gotta steer. Drowning out the siren with music, the NIGHT NEVER SLEEPS- AND I SURVIVE THROUGH IT. Just saving lives- the time passes by- but you never end up knowing if those lives kept on going. Pick em up and... Continue Reading →


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