28. Addict –

That devil on my shoulder Had become bolder as I got older He used to come to me in my sleep In nightmares that’s seemed More a warning than a dream   I had a dream when I was fourteen years old that has always stuck with me.  In retrospect it haunts like a foreshadowing of... Continue Reading →


Fish Bowl

I had a dream one night that gave me a deep deep fright Felt like a I just might be wound so tight I'll explode. I've reached my threshold... The thing bout this dream is it kept on happening. Had to see it and repeat and repeat it left me feeling all defeated and incomplete... Continue Reading →

My Fight Against Suicidal

I’m suicide, I’m an option. I’m the back door you think of often. You want a way out and I’ve got one. I’m a relief from the hurt and the sorrow. What pains you
 today won’t pain you tomorrow. People will forget and life will go on It won’t be long and the memory of... Continue Reading →


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