Facing Giants 1 (of 3)

Your face the familiar face that erased everything I know   "Does a man named Chuck get his coffee here?"  I asked the Barista across the counter as she handed me my change and I threw it in her tip jar. "Yes."  She said, her face suddenly sullen.  I recognized her expression as that of... Continue Reading →


When I was six years old I imagined Heaven a place I could eat as many Cool Ranch Doritos as I wanted WITHOUT EVER GETTING FAT.  To my six year old self - that was my idea of heaven.  Fast forward three decades, and I have honestly eaten more Cool Ranch Doritos than anyone should...and... Continue Reading →


      I attended the Eglon church when I was young.  It was a beautiful little church, very small-town, sitting across the street from the Eglon Schoolhouse and Fire Department, which was run by volunteers. I used to love church.  Every Wednesday during grade school was snacks and Bible stories at Jodi Kile's for... Continue Reading →

My Dad

Mirage by Geoffrey Holdsworth 1940 A man in an open shirt sat gazing out to sea; A young man, a hale man, and I wished that I were he and that the things I loved were as they used to be. What did he see as he sat there? Some woman's shining hair, or the... Continue Reading →

My Mother

Sitting in the passenger seat at 8 years old, as my mom drove down the road, I was staring at my reflection in the car window. Self critical even when so little "I hate the shape of my eyes" I criticized. And my mom turned her head and smiled wide. I always thought her smile... Continue Reading →


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