32. Death of Maria

Do not fret!  Maria was just Kayla Kile, in her first acting role, in Eglon, Washington.  The mystery of her death was what was created when the town pastor gifted his son with a video camera, and the entire group of us got together to create an adventure - complete with horrible acting, a terrible... Continue Reading →

30. Erik and I

Hey diddle diddle everybody grab your fiddle turns out I've been caught in the middle ever since I was little. Life has been a riddle and my life is a puzzle I found my voice and I've loosened my muzzle.   "It was the four of you..."  My mother began, "But it was always Kevin... Continue Reading →

30. Bjorn

Bjorn was the youngest of we Nielsen's kids of Eglon. When we were young, Erik Bjorn and I would play cops and robbers.  Erik and I would pretend to be officers, while little Bjorn always insisted on being Coco the police dog.  🙂  - those imaginary criminals we would fight together did not stand a... Continue Reading →

23. The Nielsen Super Hero’s

When we were little my mom made me, my cousins Erik and Bjorn, and my brother Kevin capes out of bathroom towels…she sewed our initials in them, and tied it at the neck with a simple button… Those capes were all we needed for hours and hours of fun off gallivanting and playing in the... Continue Reading →

19. Facing Giants 1 (of 3)

Your face the familiar face that erased everything I know   "Does a man named Chuck get his coffee here?"  I asked the Barista across the counter as she handed me my change and I threw it in her tip jar. "Yes."  She said, her face suddenly sullen.  I recognized her expression as that of... Continue Reading →

17. Adventuring

..."It'll be an adventure!"  Mom would say, her words a buffer to the disappointment that would ensue when things didn't go as planned.  To the contrary my father would grumble and get angry and want to scrap the entire day ...  "We'll just turn around!" "No!  Don't turn around!"  Mom would say... "What sort of... Continue Reading →


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