Control (2015) Sex is a complex conversation What are we saying, You have to use your body language You have to speak with you hips not your lips You have to have an active imagination. Fascination. I'm fascinated. Your mouth doesn't utter a peep, these little secrets we keep. And your actions speak loud YOU... Continue Reading →

My Fight Against Suicidal

I’m suicide, I’m an option. I’m the back door you think of often. You want a way out and I’ve got one. I’m a relief from the hurt and the sorrow. What pains you
 today won’t pain you tomorrow. People will forget and life will go on It won’t be long and the memory of... Continue Reading →


It’s set in motion, you can’t stop it. You can bob and weave, but 
you can’t hip hop it. Its too late, its already started. In your face, your life bombarded. So hang tight! -
Grip firm! -
Stand upright! …get low! Brace yourself, don’t look back, storm IS coming- hurricane attack! Hold TIGHT! Whiplash will pull
... Continue Reading →

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