16. Jesus?

In Sunday School I had been taught that the most important prayer I could ever say, the secret handshake to being accepted and loved by God, went something along the lines of:  "Jesus, forgive me for my sins...please come into my heart."  I was told that if I did not say this prayer, that I... Continue Reading →

10. Evolution of MANKIND!

I'd love to sit down with both these gentleman and ask, "Alright fellas!  What came first?  THE CHICKEN?  OR THE EGG?" And when they start to argue I'd remind the OF THE HEN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9A-F8JEFyY  


I never had friends, just acquaintances. I thought I knew, but I never did. I wanted to believe I wasn't being deceived but instead I felt that knot so tightly tied in knots in my guts like intestines that I've seen on outsides. Like hidden agendas and polite ICIANS like magicians creating partitions. Like those... Continue Reading →


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