If I ruled the world I would ... not want anyone to know either...cause them be some sadistic, dollar-dick sucking sociopaths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLKwLvYMcDE&t=576s


34. Dance It Out

Used to be too scared to dance felt like I was taking a chance fear of being mocked left me sour but I never made a good wallflower Because when I hear the beat I don't think twice I tap my feet I boogaloo and glide is how I do. dub-step. Shoulder shruggin not thuggin... Continue Reading →

32. Death of Maria

Do not fret!  Maria was just Kayla Kile, in her first acting role, in Eglon, Washington.  The mystery of her death was what was created when the town pastor gifted his son with a video camera, and the entire group of us got together to create an adventure - complete with horrible acting, a terrible... Continue Reading →

30. Bjorn

Bjorn was the youngest of we Nielsen's kids of Eglon. When we were young, Erik Bjorn and I would play cops and robbers.  Erik and I would pretend to be officers, while little Bjorn always insisted on being Coco the police dog.  🙂  - those imaginary criminals we would fight together did not stand a... Continue Reading →


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