21. Facing My Giants (3 of 3)

Continued from Disassociate – Facing Giants Part 2 ….Chuck looked the same. He still wore the same style hat, the same style clothing, only now I find him without his mustache. I always hated mustaches…they always reminded me of him… “Hi, Chuck. How have you been?” I asked. I could feel my spine straighten. I could... Continue Reading →

America’s Latest Civil War

My name is Big Pharma. I'm here to help ya, not harm ya. I see your struggling for control because your kids are go-go-go and we know they know that they should be slowing their role but they won't and they don't. So I have a deal I think will appeal to you. I have... Continue Reading →

18. Emotional Abuse

False Flag Silence IS violent and rage is loud, but sometimes fists hit sand without making a sound. Figure it out. Fake friends are dead ends that see ewe and you and me as a dividend not an investment. And real friends, hope fake friends, get their shit together in the end. Real friends may... Continue Reading →

Are YOU De-sensitized?

There was a night when I was five years old that mom found herself having to calm my wide-eyed anxieties...  I had watched the news that day and listened to talk of the possibility of war with Russia... it was probably 1984.  That evening a plane flew over our house and I started crying, afraid... Continue Reading →

13. Self Loathing

Loose cannon, loose cannon, just doing my best with the hand I was handed. PTSD has been a real bitch to me.  Depression and anxiety are nemesis I have to battle daily.  Addiction has been the biggest devil on my shoulder.  There were moments survival looked a lot like dying!  ITS ALL RIGHT IN MY... Continue Reading →

10. Evolution of MANKIND!

I'd love to sit down with both these gentleman and ask, "Alright fellas!  What came first?  THE CHICKEN?  OR THE EGG?" And when they start to argue I'd remind the OF THE HEN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9A-F8JEFyY  


Be aware- be alert- be a student, READ A BOOK. Be educated lest your lack of intellect creates a back door where 'they'll' SNEAK IN AND COLLECT. And who's "they?" -Ewe say? Maybe I don't know. Maybe MY EYE DO THO? THEY are NOT your friend, that is all I know, and that's as far... Continue Reading →


I never had friends, just acquaintances. I thought I knew, but I never did. I wanted to believe I wasn't being deceived but instead I felt that knot so tightly tied in knots in my guts like intestines that I've seen on outsides. Like hidden agendas and polite ICIANS like magicians creating partitions. Like those... Continue Reading →

2. Communication is KEY

RIGHT HANDED (2017 by Emma Bush) When I write with my right hand? I can write right.... It comes out just fine, like snow on Alpine, shining bright in the moonlight! For a minute you may even have to squint! You may think the moon is sunlit? But it isn't. Is it? My left eye... Continue Reading →


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